5 Cars Headed For The Automotive Graveyard

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In a move that will likely cause concern to precisely nobody, BMW are cutting the 3-series GT from their range, globally. It was always a strange beast, part sedan, part-hatch, but neither as sleek as the former and with less space (and arguably less panache) than the wagon.

We look at 5 other cars that are a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

1 – Lexus GS

Never a bad car, but just when the brand needed a razor-sharp, hyper-unique model to cut-through the German default choices they came up with this super-conservative design.

2 – Mini Clubman

In the era of the SUV, Mini push out this thing. Apparently it offers something that their actual SUV, and 5-door hatch, does not. Plus whoever came up with those barn doors should be shown the Brexit.

3 – Infiniti Q30

This entire brand has something of an identity crisis, and has recently pulled out of Europe. This model is platform-shared with the previous-gen Mercedes A-class. However it offers no real Unique Selling Proposition over the donor car. On shaky ground.

4 – BMW X4

One niche too many? More expensive than the X3, and with less space. Its looks too, are questionable. Is it any nicer to look at than the X3?

5 – Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe

See above. For all of those customers that want to pay more than the standard GLE, whilst sacrificing space.


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